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California High School - Grad Night 2018 Tickets
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This tradition at Cal High offers a Safe & Sober celebration for students to enjoy after the Graduation Ceremony on June 1, 2018.  The event will run approximately from 10pm to 4am.  More details closer to the event!

Due to the last day of school and graduation occurring on the same day, this will be an offsite event at "Plank" in Oakland Jack London Square.

By Purchasing this ticket, both parent and student agree to the following behavior, terms and conditions of the event:

  • I agree not to carry any weapons or use drugs and/or alcohol prior to, during, or following Grad Night. 

  •  I understand that if I appear or am deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or appear to be a danger to myself or others at any time during Grad Night, my parent/ guardian, or law enforcement authority will be contacted to assume responsibility of me. 

  •  I understand there will be no refunds of the Grad Night fee as the event is off campus not on school property.

  •  I understand that re-entry is not allowed once I am released from Grad Night. 
If you are not sure if you have purchased 2018 Grad Night ticket, please check your email, your Future Fund account or email calhighptsatreasurer@gmail.com to check for you.  Any duplicate purchase, there will a minimum of $25 refund fee.